>> Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Isn't he the sweetest little valentine ever?!  ;-)  Well, don't be fooled completely...here's how this mini-photoshoot actually went...


>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

Because of the nature of adoption...and that fact that it's not for sure until the papers are signed, we decided to wait to have any baby shower until after we got home. It was SO exciting for it to finally be my turn. You have know idea how awkward and painful attending a baby shower can be until you long to be a mommy and can't. It's like a secret club that you feel like you will never belong to. (And to any readers who are still in that position, I haven't forgotten what that felt like. I won't pretend that I'm still there, but I promise you one thing...I get it. And I never want to play down how hard that was...and how hard lots of things are when you want to be a mommy and it seems everyone else in the world gets to be except you....and I'm not going to say "In God's perfect timing..." or anything like that. It may be true, but it's not helpful. I'm just sending you a {hug} and some understanding. xo)

A couple weeks after we got home, we were blessed three generous showers. It was so fun...and overwhelming. :) But one nice thing about waiting until we got home was that Connor got to be there too! Here are some pics from the events. Our friends and family worked SO HARD to make these times extra special. Love y'all!!

First was my "Work/Friends Shower" (I should note that I work with other graphic designers and event planners at my job.)  ;-)  They styled the shower around antique cars, trucks, planes, etc. (That's what we did Connor's nursery in.)


When we got home, lots of friends and family came to see us. Connor has no idea how many people love him! We are so blessed! I couldn't post them all, but here are a few pics.

Connor with "Aunt Chelle" (one of Momma's best friends)
There are more pics...


>> Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Well, we had been cooped up in a hotel room for a week. And we were just praying that the interstate papers would come through on that Friday because, well, the courts don't work on the weekend...even if you're desperate to get home to your family! So, we knew that if we didn't get a phone call soon telling us that the two states had filed all the paperwork, we would be camping out in that hotel room at least until Monday. We had purchased our plane tickets already (hoping for the best), and were praying we wouldn't have to reschedule them. And then the phone rang...

This is the hotel room that we were upgraded to for free...all thanks to Connor! The hotel guy at the desk asked Brian what brought us to town, and when Brian told him, he said, "Oh, you're gonna need more room! Let me upgrade you for free." Sweet!


>> Monday, September 19, 2011

So we had placement on Friday late afternoon. And we quickly realized we hadn't really thought through a few things...things like we just drove out of that park with a BABY...that we're responsible for!! And things like, we're going to be living in a single hotel room with a newborn for a week or more. And things like the fact that there were not going to be any nurses to come take the baby to the nursery when we needed to sleep or to check on us to be sure we knew what we were doing! It was just us. Our moms were not there to help and give us pointers (except by phone), no back up, nothing. Just us. Uhmmm...SCARY!!! :) But somehow by the grace of God and lots of tearful phone calls to my mom at all hours, we survived. And God allowed Connor to survive in spite of us. ;-)

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